Noise bylaw update in Calgary possible – due to noisy air conditioners

Air Conditioner (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Calgary might be updating their noise bylaw to address the annoyance of noisy air conditioners.

Calgary’s bylaw department recorded 2,400 noise complaints last year. Most were loud music calls, nearly 500 were due to construction, and 131 complaints were related to air conditioners, generators, fans and vacuums, according to Animal and Bylaw Services.

That’s just over 5% of complaints being due to equipment. Is that really enough of a nuisance to consider a bylaw change or amendment?  Perhaps; I don’t know. <shrug> What I do think, though, is that more equipment manufacturers (including air conditioner equipment manufacturers) need to start listing the sound levels output from their equipment so that people (and us consultants) can make an informed choice on whether it’s quiet enough for their purposes. I find it really frustrating when companies hide their info, don’t give it out as they do with the other equipment specifications, or they just don’t care enough about it to test their products for noise output.

Hmm, I also wonder if other cities put out the statistics on noise-related complaints.

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