Do you seek out restaurants that practice sustainable sourcing and try to minimize their environmental impact?

This great post on Just Hungry discusses sustainability issues in the restaurant business.

As you wait for more Japanese Cooking 101 lessons, here’s something a bit different to ponder: How important is sustainability to you, especially when eating out?

There’s a UK based non-profit organization called the Sustainable Restaurant Organization (SRA) ; that is interested in making restaurants more well, sustainable. Their mission is to help restaurans “to source more responsibly, minimise their impact on the environment and engage with their communities”, as well as help diners find restaurants that fit their criteria.

The two associations she highlights are the Sustainable Restaurant Association based in the UK and the Green Restaurant Organization in the US. I’m not aware of any similar group here in Canada. Maybe it’s time to start one up.

As she mentions in her post, Makiko has been writing up great primers on Japanese cooking that explain the why and how of several of the basic dishes. Go read it here. I need to find time to read up on her Bento 101 course too.

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