Aaaaaand it’s Noise Action Week in the UK!

I’m not sure if Noise Action Week is even thought about anywhere else. But apparently there are several events happening in the UK including Noise Teams going around to different venues to educate the public about noise issues. Among other things, people are encouraged to complain and report noise issues to the appropriate authorities during this week – but I think it should be done any time of the year (and day, for that matter). Reporting of noise issues will only help people to think more about noise and the protection of their hearing and health, and perhaps push lawmakers towards creating noise laws that make sense. I’m not against any businesses or industries that make noise – I just think they need to consider it more and deal with it up-front. Dealing with noise issues after the fact nearly always costs more in terms of either having to retroactively build some form of noise mitigation, or have operations shut down due to the addition of noise mitigation.

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