Getting the word out – protect your hearing!


I love it when I see these signs because I think it’s a really important but often overlooked issue. Especially in this season of outdoor festivals and concerts people forget that those spaces are loud places! The second photo was taken in front of a construction zone – the sign is to warn people walking by the area.

I was thinking about how great these signs were – but then realized that if I’m already there without any hearing protection, what could I do? There aren’t any ear plug or ear muff vendors around. I don’t carry ear plugs with me everywhere I go. So am I supposed to cover my ears with my hands? That would be quite tiring at a concert.

New business idea – sell ear plugs at concerts. Or better yet – give away free foam ear plugs (they’re quite cheap) and offer to teach people how to insert them properly. Sell higher-end ear plugs on the side. Then again, I wonder how many people would wear them…

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