CBC Ottawa Morning segment on concerts and hearing protection

Great timing! This goes right in line with my previous post – this morning on the CBC, Ottawa Morning’s Christine Maki produced a segment discussing noise at outdoor concerts (look on the right side, where the audio links are) where she interviews an Ottawa Public Health representative, and a few concert goers about their hearing protection strategies (or lack thereof).

I find it a bit disconcerting that some concert-goers are so cavalier about their hearing. Well, as long as they’re informed, and know the consequences of their choices. Not that I’m completely fastidious about protecting my hearing (I’ve stood next to my fair share of really loud speakers), but over the years I’ve become more aware of how much it can change your life as you get older.

Some of the opinions by the concert-goers also makes me think that selling the earplugs wouldn’t be such a great business idea – but the concert organizers or city health organization should at least provide free foam earplugs, if at least to raise awareness of the issues and provide protection for people who do consider it worthwhile, but forgot their own.

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