Interesting finds at a Korean/Japanese grocery store

I was at a Korean/Japanese grocery store in Vancouver this past week and happened upon some interesting finds. The writer has a good sense of humour.



Ask me my age. This product keeps my skin young! Staff Tomo. In small print: I can’t guarantee if it works for anybody. (Does ingesting collagen really go towards replacing/putting collagen in your skin? Wouldn’t the collagen just break down in your digestive system?)



Somebody said that this Japanese Milk Candy is really GOOD! Well, you gotta try it once. (I do like milk candies. Not so milk tolerant though.)



You don’t like dairy food? You’re lack of Calcium!!!! (I guess anchovies have lots of calcium? I wouldn’t know – never eat them myself…)


Great idea for Gift!!


Actually I should have bought those Crunch bars. That would have been interesting to try out.

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