Marutama Ramen – Vancouver

Interesting – chicken based broth at Marutama Ramen in Vancouver. I’d learned somewhere that ramen in Japan was originally made and served with a chicken based broth, and that over time, people’s tastes changed so that pork-based broths became the popular choice. Anyways it was interesting to try this place out, since almost all other ramen places serve pork-based broths.

I’m not sure if they added more fat (flavour!) but the broth was super thick. It doesn’t leave as clean a taste in your moth after drinking it. But it was super flavourful, and I did end up drinking most of the bowl… The noodles were perfectly cooked as well, with a good bite to them. I would come again, but only occasionally, if I wanted a thicker soup.

Wish we had some of that here in Ottawa.

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