Truth in product packaging-900mg sodium is not 8%DV!

I recently purchased an “instant” food product called Hot Pie Soup, which is a Japanese cream stew with a pie crust. The taste was okay, though not good enough to make me ever want to buy more or the stuff. The crust was interesting though, having a texture halfway between a potato chip and a pie crust, and it held up decently, when soaked in the soup.

I took a look at the nutrition info on the back, and I was surprised to see that it contained only 160 kcal – that’s not much at all – but I guess it was only a 34g product. Scanning down further, I saw that the sodium level was only 8% of recommended daily intake (assuming they’re going by Health Canada guidelines). Great! But umm no – 900mg of sodium is actually 40% of the recommended daily intake. BAH!!!


BTW, Health Canada provides a rule of thumb when considering %DV in a product. 15% or more of your daily intake for 1 portion of the food item is a lot, while 5% or less is a little. I never thought of it that way before, but it makes good sense.

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