Continuing construction noise complaints in Centretown (Ottawa)

I last wrote about the noise complaints in Centretown here back in July, but now things are heating up. The construction has continued for about 5 months (since April) and now the tenants have formed a Centretown Tenants Association (CTA) consisting of about 70 residents, in order to collectively discuss with Taggart Realty Management their concerns. The CTA is seeking a 25% reduction in their rent, retroactive to when the construction started:

The organized tenants are seeking a 25 per cent rent reduction, retroactive to when the repairs first started, plus fines against the landlord.

“We’re all working people, we don’t need the money from Taggart, but what we simply want is a recognition that what they’re doing is unreasonable and unbearable,” said Blais.

It doesn’t state in the new article why the construction occurs during the evening, but back in July, the Ottawa Citizen wrote that it was due to commercial activities in the areas below the parking deck:

Julie Taggart, manager of Taggart Realty Management, said the construction being done to repair the 50 year-old building’s parking garage is necessary and can’t be done any other time of the day.

“Because of the structural integrity of the second deck and because we have (commercial) tenants that occupy space below, we’re required to do the work between 4:30 p.m. and 10 p.m.,” said Taggart. The tenants on the lower floors are all professionals, such as doctors or dentists.

I’m not at all involved with any of this, but i’m quite interested in seeing how this all plays out.

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