Finally! New Ontario MOE Noise Guidelines – NPC-300

New environmental noise guidelines have come out from the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE) which replaces the old (from the ’90s) Noise Pollution Control (NPC) documents NPC-205, NPC-232 and LU-131. The last one is a land-use planning guide intended for municipalities. This new guideline, NPC-300, adds a new Class 4 area and supposedly consolidates and makes consistent the noise limits between the previous three guidelines. Oh and I say supposedly because I haven’t fully read it through yet. I will, before my next report comes out. The draft came out in 2010 and after stakeholder comments were in, another version was issued in 2011. So this guideline has been a long time coming.

The new NPC-300 document, and all other MOE noise documents is available at the MOE Resources link under the “Air and Noise [Approvals]” link.

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