A bit more on loud music in restaurants

While browsing for other stuff on the CBC site, I came upon The Sunday Edition program, and its blog post on the after-discussion for their documentary on loud music in restaurants. It’s interesting to read the commentary and different perspectives on loud music in restaurants. One comment that caught my eye is quoted below:

Beverley Harris from Ross River, Yukon wrote:
As someone involved in my workplace health and safety committee – the existence of which is legislated in all jurisdictions – I wonder if these young wait staffers interviewed are aware of the long-term costs they and their employers are inflicting.  
Second-hand smoke as a workplace exposure and risk factor for lung cancer for wait staff in bars and pubs has been established.  How many hard-of-hearing people is the loud restaurant industry now generating?
Listening to loud music while you’re on your own time is one thing, but exposed to it as a consequence of working there, and necessarily listening to it for most of your shift? Not good…

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