De-boned chicken

Jacques Pepin‘s popular cooking show featured a how-to on de-boning a chicken and after watching it, I just had to try it out (albeit several months after I first watched it). He demonstrates the entire process (and more) within the 10 minute video, but in the comments below, some people say it takes about 20-45 minutes.

Overall from taking the chicken out of the bag to having a fully deboned chicken, it took me all of 15 minutes on my first (and only, so far) try. Then again I’m not a stranger to cutting chicken – my preference is to buy whole chickens and part them out to freeze and eat in portions anyways.

I didn’t have the patience to take a pic of the fully deboned chicken (having to wash my hands in between? nah…) but here is a before and after of the ballotine. (I got lazy and didn’t rearrange the string to make it more uniform.)



mmm crispy crunchy skin.

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