Exploring Chinese food

I recently came across this great 4-part series on food in China, presented by longtime BBC favourite cook, Ken Hom, and new(er) BBC cook Ching He Huang, called Exploring China: A Culinary Adventure, the first episode of which can be found on youtube here. This was aired in 2012, but I only found out about it recently, due to a short interview I heard with Ken Hom – I’d seen parts of his old BBC show before, when searching for some videos on youtube on chinese food, but didn’t realize his significance and influence in England. Turns out he’s been selling a lot of woks.

Anyways, the Exploring China series seems too brief to me, showing only small parts of the vast country of China, and not delving deep enough to show the culture and food in the less-well-known parts of China (at least to us westerners). I want to know more. There has to be a lot more to China’s food.

And so I find that more about Chinese food can be found in a series produced by CCTV called A Bite of China, another show that aired in 2012. If you wanted youtube links, the Chinese with English subtitles version can be found here, or the English dubbed version here. I’m only just starting to watch it, but it looks to be really good so far.

Are there any other food shows worth watching?

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