New salt limit (suggested)

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is poised to introduce new salt intake limit, as reported on the CBC here. (Yes, it’s from two months ago, blah) However, as the CBC notes,

It’s still unclear when FDA will release the guidelines, despite its 2013 goal to have them completed this year.

You know how long these government things take. It’ll be around the end of 2015 or 2016 when these guidelines come out. Or maybe that’s just my perspective, from having lived in the nation’s capital for the past five years and being more immersed in politics and government dealings than I’ve ever been before. Anyways. I think it’s a great thing to start getting food companies to limit the amount of salt in their products. The book Salt Sugar Fat by Michael Moss gives a great account of how salt became one of the major defining ingredients in food production, why it’s used so much and how it affects our tastes and cravings.

Personally, I love to cook, and so most of the food I eat is homemade. I do end up using a lot of salt and other salty seasonings (soy sauce, miso, etc.) but I don’t think I end up using as much as is present in the processed foods I see. I should set up a process whereby I measure all of the salt and added sugar I add to foods I cook. Seems a bit onerous though. Hmm.


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