Here – Active listening earbuds

Interesting product. I wonder how often people would use these. Fiddling with an EQ curve while at a concert is the last thing I’d want to do.

Here does not stream or play recorded music. Instead, the Digital Signal Processor (DSP) inside Here acts as a studio in your ears by providing you with a volume knob, equalizer and effects to transform real world audio. Use this “remote control for your ears” to have an optimal listening experience every time.

Here has been engineered to give you control of any and all live listening experiences: Suppress the jet engine on an airplane. Reduce a baby crying. Boost the bass at a club. Live mix a concert by adding reverb. Enhance your senses and personalize every listening experience.

Reduce the noise from jet engines and a baby crying… but usually on a plane I like to also listen to music or watch a movie – there’s no way to listen to other audio streams with this device. Many people already have ANC products that achieve this goal.

I hadn’t heard of Doppler Labs before, but I skimmed through their documentation on their first product – the Dubs earplugs. I like what they’re doing – producing interesting and innovative hearing protection devices to the market. But here’s dubious claim:

We chose to use a polyurethane reticulated foam within the low pass chambers as they best slowed
the speed of sound through our filters.
I really hope the speed of sound doesn’t change as it goes through the filters.

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