Aumeo tailored audio

Another interesting audio device.

Aumeo is a pocket-sized device that provides a personalized audio experience. Our award-winning technology maps your hearing sensitivity to different sounds and then adjusts your music based on your audio profile. The result is a tailored audio experience custom-fit for your ears only.

Aumeo corrects sound to your personal hearing sensitivity in the audio signal path from your music player to your ears. It unlocks your best hearing potential so you can hear your favorite tunes the way they were meant to be heard—in all their fullness and richness.

A few comments:

  • Why go through the effort of producing a physical device when this could be done entirely through an app?

They do answer this question in their FAQ section. However, I think the inconvenience of having to carry around and charge yet another device trumps the portability of being able to connect this to any music player. Selling this technology to a major music provider to incorporate into their own app would probably be the best way to get this in peoples’ hands (ears), but that might come later down the line if this device proves successful. Or even selling this technology to a hardware provider (Apple/Samsung/etc) might be the best way to do this.

  • On the outset, it looks as if it’s a 6 (or 8?)-band parametric EQ for the left and right channels, set based on a ‘hearing test’. (They say more bands are EQ’ed, interpolated based on the outcome of the tests.)

The concept isn’t new, but a device like this hasn’t been available for consumers previously. For example, home  and car audio EQ products are available; however, none seem to take into account the hearing sensitivities. They mainly correct for the room/space and try to achieve a balanced/flat frequency spectrum, without taking into account your hearing sensitivity.

  • The effective frequency range is from 50 Hz to 20 kHz

How important is the frequency range below 50 Hz?

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